Local Woman Leads Drive To Fund School Lunches For needy Kids

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Meet Michaella Perez.

Michaella Perez >> "Good afternoon Fairbanks. Happy Friday!"

A Fairbanks local, she's done something extraordinary for the schools in the borough.

Michaella Perez (Stir Up Facebook Page, December 17) >> "Christmas is upon us, we're about one week out. I am excited, I don't know about you guys and Christmas is all about giving and there has been a opportunity presented to me that I would really like to take charge of and help with and I need your guys help too."

Sean Rice; FNSB School Board >> "One of the things she realized and that she found out was there were some kids here with some lunch issues. There was unpaid lunches here."

And with the help of the community and the City of Fairbanks,

Michaella (Stir It Up Facebook Page, January 5th) >> "I just want to thank each and every one of you who donated to help feed the kids in our Fairbanks schools. We definitely covered all of the delinquent balances."

With a total of 1-thousand-50 dollars, it was enough to pay all of the unpaid lunches and then some.

Sean Rice >> "I'm proud to say that between us and city hall we were able to donate about 500 dollars but she was able to get another 550 dollars and not only that, she put up 250 dollars of herself."

This is the first time Perez has participated in a fundraiser like this.
A longtime family friend, Rice says he's overjoyed at the work that has been done.

Sean Rice >> "She did a wonderful thing for a lot of children who are in need."

Michaella Perez; Owner, Stir It Up >> "I was ecstatic. I was ecstatic to see our community come together especially with our economy being kind of rough right now and Christmas time, holidays, everyone's traveling, everything going on, to our community come together because they care about our children that really made my heart smile."

Reporting from Stir It Up, this is Julia Laude.