Local Woman Charged with Conspiracy in 2015 Murder

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - More charges were brought forth in the 2015 investigation of Ronald McKnight's death.
McKnight was the man shot to death in his Roland Road Home during an alleged Armed Robbery.
30 year old Tirza Knix was arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit murder.
Both 20 year old Noah Griffith, and 40 year old Steven Hartman were already charged with Murder, robbery, burglary and theft back in April of 2016.
According to official documents, in December of 2015, McKnight was found shot to death, and his body was hidden under blankets and a pillow.
A witness told law enforcement Hartman and Griffith had been at the residence the day before McKnight's body was found.
The two had also allegedly exchanged text messages about waiting to commit the murder.
Knix reportedly lied to police about Hartman's alibi, and attempted to conceal the identity of his cell phone during a search.
She also received a text message from Hartman shortly after the murder stating (quote) "it's finally done." (end quote)
Knix's next court date is set for November