Local Salon's Warming Tree Helps Community Members in Need

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - If you've driven by S Salon recently, you may have noticed something interesting in its front yard.

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Britany Rahoi; Hairstylist >> "Our giving tree started about three years ago and I've been here for a year. Last year it was a lot of fun. We had a lot of people donating, the tree was really full, like you couldn't even see the tree."

The idea of the 'giving tree' was brought to life by salon owner, Scott Allison.

Sierra Birg-in; Hairstylist >> "It's very heart warming."

Clients, stylists, anybody can donate to the warming tree.

Riley Jacobs; Salon Coordinator >> "It shows that we're trying to keep our community warm in a different way other than just kind of going out and saying well here's 20 bucks, it's actually taking a step forward and giving them a chance to get warm and stay warm."

For these employees, they encourage everyone to join them in keeping Fairbanks warm.

Riley Jacobs >> "Donating is a huge thing, whether it be a small pair of gloves or a hat or a scarf. Whether you have an old 1980s jacket sitting in your closet, that would be just fine, sweatshirts anything really to help cover some skin and keep people warm is awesome."
Reporting from S Salon and Studio,

Brittany Rahoi >> "You'll make a lot of people happy especially this time of year."
This is Julia Laude reporting.