Local Native Leader, Poldine Carlo, dies at 97

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Fairbanks lost one of its own this week.
Poldine Carlo was a role model, native leader and friend to so many.
She raised a family of eight, she was a friend and a pioneer for civil rights.
"She was such a dynamic native leader in our region and the state,” the Executive Director of Denakkanaaga Sharon McConnell said.
Carlo was one of four founders of the Fairbanks Native Association, and also helped in founding Denakkanaaga.
“That's something we'll always remember about Poldine is her strong connection to the native culture and people of interior Alaska," McConnell added.
Carlo received many honors over her 97 years, including recognition as a Farthest North Girl Scout council Woman of Distinction, the B-P Golden Citizen Chieftain designation, the Hannah Paul Solomon "Woman of Courage" award from the Alaska Federation of Natives, and was given an honorary doctorate of law degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
Her love spread throughout the native community and to almost everyone in the interior as well.
City of Fairbanks Mayor, Jim Matherly was one who felt this love, "I first met Poldine I want to say 30 years ago and every single time I either encountered her, visited with her, hugged her, she was always giving me a smile, encouraging me."
She was described as a kind and compassionate woman especially from her son Walter Carlo, “She just had so much wisdom. She was a loving healing person."
And with a garage full of wood and caring relatives, they're making a casket for her final resting place.
With one closing project, Carlo's friends and family can truly bid their loved one farewell.
She will be taken to her village of Nulato in preparation for burial services schedule for May 14, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.