Local Man Faces Jury for the Second Time After Being Granted an Appeal

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Jondean Willock appeared in court today for the first day of his new trial. Willock was previously convicted in 2012 of first degree sexual assault for an incident in January of 2011 and was sentenced to serve 35 years. That conviction was overturned because part of the States testimony was a previous sexual assault conviction. Willock is being tried by a new jury to see if he is still found guilty without that knowledge. According to the States opening statements Willock was out drinking with the victim when she asked to be taken to the hotel she was staying at. Instead he had a friend take her to another house. Once they got to the house he is accused of sexually assaulting her. She managed to escape the residence and ran across the street and started banging on the door. Three young boys staying at the house eventually let her in and called 911. Police found Willock walking away from the area and eventually charged him with sexually assault. While the defense admits Willock brought the victim to the house, they say he never sexually assaulted her and are confident that the jury will agree.

"At the end of the day you will have a story that will sound compelling to you,” said Justin Racette the public defender. “When the evidence is finished though and you consider the physical evidence you'll be left with an incomplete and inconsistent picture."

The trial is expected to conclude Friday.