Local Farmers Market open to all

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Now in its fourth year, the South Side Farmers Market has been providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the residents of South Fairbanks who are living in what is called a food desert.
It means an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food.
Just off of South Cushman stands the South Side Farmers Market.
Those at Calypso Farm noticed there was no fresh food on that side of town, where there are no super markets and deemed there to be a tremendous need.
Daisy Edwards is a South Fairbanks resident and helped create the little market.

“I do drive but there are so many other families here that don't drive and there are seniors in the community and they can't get out," she said.

The closest grocery store from the south side neighborhood is the Safeway on College Road, at just over two miles.
But thanks to the South Side Farmer's Market, with a quick stroll, residents can purchase fresh locally sourced items, including what’s produced at Kellogg's Cluckers and Companions Farm.
Owner of the poultry farm Margret Kellogg has now participated in this farmers market for two years.

“Just to do something good for the community as far as providing good, fresh produce and eggs and it's been very nice," she said.

This farmers market welcomes all Fairbanksans, accepting WIC, senior citizens coupons and doubling food stamp value.
Every Tuesday from June to September, the South Side Farmers Market sets up for business.
This year, a voter registration booth and a cooking demonstration will be added as the season progresses.