Local Enforcement Honored for Service

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Law enforcement all across the state were honored for their service Friday and that includes the local officers of the Interior.
The local Alaska Peace Officers Association Chapter and the North Pole Police Department gathered at the Trooper Gabe Rich and Trooper Scott Johnson Memorial Park to remember local service members for 'Police Memorial Day'.
It was one of President John F. Kennedy's last official acts before his death in 1963, to name May 15th as National Police Memorial Day.
For many it’s a day not only to remember fallen officers but to honor those who serve every day.
"We're really the glue that holds communities together and it feels good to see people still believe in us and that they still come here and honor our fallen officers and believe in what we do," State Trooper Sergeant Jessie Carson said.
This year 71 federal, state, and local law enforcement officers were honored, “It's kind of humble to be able to work here because of the sacrifices people have made before us," Officer Sergeant Rick Sweet said.
Two new plaques were added to the memorial park today as well - One for Trooper Gabe Rich, and one for Trooper Scott Johnson.
Memorial services in Alaska are held on different days so families of the fallen officers can attend their local service, as well as the National Memorial, if they choose.