Local Elementary Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The teachers at University Park Elementary School have had a week full of pleasant surprises.

From the PTA leaving small treats in their inboxes, to donuts, and finally rounding out the week with tacos.

According to PTA Board Member, Stephanie Rozell, it's important for parents to be involved with their children and the schools.
In fact, it's a big way to show appreciation.
One way parents got involved today was by helping to watch the children, while the teachers were able to enjoy an hour long lunch.

Two students, Josiah Androes and Kaydence Shewfelt, told us about the ways their teachers have helped them throughout the years.

Josiah Androes; “They have helped me with games, setting up. They've allowed me to do a lot of activities too.”

Kaydence Shewfelt; "Well Ms. Mobley, she is nice and if you’re struggling with something, she will help you. And Mr. Lehman, he is funny and he's really nice."