Local Company Settles with EPA after Multiple Fuel Spills

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A local trucking company will pay $43 thousand dollars in a settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency.
'Big State Logistics' trucks spilled fuel three times last winter in separate accidents along the Richardson Highway.
Those spills ranged in size from a few hundred to a few thousand gallons of diesel fuel being hauled in trailers.
The three accidents took place during a roughly two-month period in early winter.
One was found to be the result of a mechanical failure, and the other two were the result of heavy loads and treacherous driving conditions.
The E-P-A said Big State Logistics was quick to help clean up the spills.
A release about the settlement says that in response to the crashes, the company is letting drivers decide whether hauling double trailers is safe, and stopping their use altogether at times when weather is harshest.