Local Artist Chosen as 2019 KUAC Poster Artist

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A local veteran's artwork was unveiled over the weekend as this year's KUAC poster.

A chance encounter in downtown Fairbanks started Guy Gaswint's art career, when he was invited to participate in KUAC's television production 'Into the Woods,' where he learned how to paint from local artist Kes Woodward. After his participation in the show, Gaswint started an art degree at UAF.

The image chosen for this year's poster was created during his time on the show, and Gaswint explained why he named this piece 'Imperfect Reflections.' "I kept trying to make it perfect, I would paint it, I would flip it and paint it one way, paint it another way, I kept trying to make it perfect but I couldn't get it right, and then I said, ya know, reflections aren't perfect anyways," said Gaswint.