Local Artist Beautifies Joy Elementary

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Students at Joy Elementary can expect to see some positive changes this fall when they return to school.
The school is getting a makeover, by adding some new art to the academic building.
Artist Pamela Lipari is using her craft to bring happiness to the students of Joy Elementary.

“I love spreading positivity wherever I can,” she said as she painted.

Four of the school’s bathrooms have gotten the new paint, but the project wouldn't be underway without Principal LaLaunie Whisenhant.

“By starting in this way and making this small change, taking this institutional looking space and making it bright, beautiful and inspiring, I want them to know that they can do the same thing," Whisenhant said.

And a bright, beautiful, inspiring space is just what these students are going to get.
Providing a supportive space, these paintings will stand to show all students they are welcome at Joy Elementary.
Principal Whisenhant will also be hanging student photos around the school to continue to incorporate a family setting for students.