Legislature Flown to Anchorage Due to Health Scare

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Several members of the Alaska State House were absent from the legislative session today - some for minor reasons, with others more serious.
A pair of legislators are out with the flu, and House Speaker Bryce Edgmon confirmed today that Anchorage Representative Ivy Spohnholz left Juneau late last week after an unexpected medical event.
Spohnholz confirmed today that she suffered a pulmonary embolism - a blockage of an artery in the lungs that, if serious, can be fatal.
She is now recovering at home in Anchorage.
Spohnholz and her colleagues say she hopes to be back on the job soon.

Speaker Bryce Edgmon; (D) Dillingham>>"She was in a situation where she needed to have tests done, and because there wasn't a commercial flight available for some time, the alternative was to essentially be medevaced out, but I'm pleased to report she's doing well. She's resting, we expect her back perhaps as early as Monday of next week. So we want to wish her the best and just sort of - after talking to her staff, who just spoke with her minutes ago, she's eager to get back to work when she can."