Koyukuk man charged with murdering his mother’s boyfriend out of 'anger and vengeance'

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Alaska State Troopers received a report around 1:30 yesterday afternoon that Gene Mayfield had been murdered the previous night in the Yukon River village of Koyukuk.

According to charging documents, the caller said that she had heard gun shots around 10 to 11 the night before. The next morning she saw the suspect, 27-year-old Conrad Jones, the victim's acting strange.

Jones is the son of Mayfield's girlfriend, and claims he did not get along with Mayfield.

AST interviewed a witness who stated Mayfield and Jones had been in an altercation the night before. She had seen Jones driving his mom’s car and Mayfield following him on her four-wheeler. Mayfield then got in front of Jones and forced him into the ditch. The witness says that Mayfield told Jones to bring the truck back. She says she also saw Jones the next morning acting strange.

Troopers contacted Jones who admitted to shooting Mayfield. Jones said that he had gone to his sister's house and retrieved a gun and a sword. He then went to his mother's house and said Mayfield confronted him at the front door, coming at him with a knife. He then ran to the back of the house and climbed in a window.

Jones said Mayfield then went to the front of the house and started pulling back a curtain when he shot him. Jones said Mayfield was crawling away and begging him not to shoot him, but that he shot him several more times out of anger and vengeance.

Charging documents say that the scene investigation did not support a self-defense claim.