Kodiak Man sentenced for robbery and surreptitious recording

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A Kodiak man was sentenced to 11 years, five months and 20 days in jail for two separate cases related to robbery and surreptitious recording. Daniel Grosser recorded a robbery in which he heated a serrated knife on a coil burner stove and then burned the victim's cheek with it. While the police looked at his phone for this recording, they found another video from a separate event where he surreptitiously recorded a consensual sexual encounter.

In court Grosser said he wanted to apologize to the victims, adding he was disgusted with himself and should not have been doing drugs, particularly methamphetamine. Kodiak Judge Steve Cole gave weight to Grosser's remorseful statement and reduced his sentence by six months from the state's recommendation of 11 years and 11 months to 11 years, five months and 20 days for surreptitious recording. An event also taken into account was that Grosser, while incarcerated, intervened to help a correctional officer that was being attacked.