Kinross Donates to Aid School District Art Performances

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks Arts Association accepted a check for $20,000 from Kinross Fort Knox at today's Chamber of Commerce luncheon.
The funds will go to help support school district students so they can participate in art performances.
With the rise in costs, especially transportation expenses, Executive Director of the Fairbanks Arts Association, Jessica Peña, said it's been difficult to provide arts education to students.
She went on to say that the contribution from Kinross Fort Knox will cover 100 percent of transportation fees.

Jessica Peña; Executive Director - Fairbanks Art Association>>"I would just like to express my sincere thanks on behalf of the staff and board of the Fairbanks Arts Association to Kinross Fort Knox for stepping up in such a large way to support arts education. It can be a real barrier to access, even the difference of a few dollars per student."

Anna Atchison; Spokeperson - Kinross Fort Knox>>"To us as well, it means that this alleviates that added expense to families and to the classrooms and to the teachers that we know that sometimes they take on that financial burden themselves so we recognize that and we're very honored to be able to participate and partner with the Fairbanks Arts Association."