King Cove Road Debate Continues in Congress

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - For years, Alaska's congressional delegation has fought for approval to connect the village of King Cove to an airport about a dozen miles away.
Now it looks like the project may have hope of going forward.
In July, the US House approved the 'King Cove Access Project' - a resolution dedicated to building a road to Cold Bay.
It's planned to be an 11 mile, one-lane gravel road.
The main reason the road has been proposed is for medical evacuations during harsh weather conditions.
It's been hotly debated because the road would pass through nesting grounds for waterfowl in the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.
During a recent Senate Commerce Science and Transportation Subcommittee meeting, Coast Guard Commandant, Admiral Paul Zukunft, spoke on why he believes the road should be constructed.

Commandant, Admiral Paul Zukunft; Coast Gaurd>>"We owe it first and foremost to the residents of King Cove, and secondarily, this is a high evolution, it is not benign. You and I (Senator Dan Sullivan) saw this 11 mile stretch. This is very obtainable at a very moderate cost; but you can't put a dollar sign on a life. To a community that this is not a highly trafficked area to begin with so, I cannot foot stomp loud enough, the criticality of building out this 11 mile stretch of road and provide the life line that this community needs to higher level health care."