Kick-Boxing Champion Will Host 'Home Safety' Seminar In Fairbanks

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Fairbanks community members have an opportunity to learn home safety from an undefeated kick-boxing champion.

On Saturday, July 1st, at the Westmark Hotel, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace will be teaching a seminar on home safety.

Orion's Belt instructor, Jerry Potts, brought the former personal trainer for Elvis Presley up to Alaska to help teach self-defense to Fairbanks law enforcement and community members.

Wallace told us why he traveled from Florida to Fairbanks for the fourth time, and why people should come out for his home safety seminar.

"Four years ago I did a seminar for the school, and we became very good friends, as a great practitioner. And then he's invited me back three other times, and I've had a blast. Fairbanks is gorgeous, the people are wonderful, and I have a great great time. The self-defense seminar is like an anti-bullying type thing too for kids. Most people, when they do self-defense, they do it from different grabs and things. Please come out, tomorrow, if nothing else, to have a good time. If nothing else, to maybe learn one thing, not a bunch, not several, but maybe just one thing. And if you get one thing, that just maybe will save your life."