Joel's Place Under New Management

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - 'Joel's Place' Youth Center is officially under new management.
The facility was started in 1999 as a place for youth to meet and play music, and it's been growing ever since.
Under the new management, changes will include more community and youth outreach, more events geared towards teens, and some basic cosmetic clean up - including the play area originally known as "the red room", which is now blue.
Director of Operations, Michaella (Mih-*KAY-lah) Perez (per-*EZ), said that the change in color was important because red can be taken for a hard, angry color, whereas blue is more calming while still remaining fun.
The skate park will remain the same, as well as the message that Joel's Place is a safe and welcoming place for youth in the community.
Other programs offered alongside Joel's Place are the 'RAW Joy' before- and- after school program; 'Sunshine' school age program, which is a before- and- after school offering specific to Borealis Charter School; and 'Sources of Strength', which is their Suicide prevention and awareness program.
Perez talked about why ownership changed, as well as a couple of other new programs they will offer.
Michaella Perez; Director of Operations for Joel's Place>>: "Previous management resigned in November and we were in a time of transition, now we are solid with an awesome staff, and we are just ready to move forward. We want to say thank you to the founders of Joel's Place and the organization and we are honored that we get to carry on the legacy and bring the positive affect to youth culture here in Fairbanks. So we have started Teen Open Mic Nights, every fourth Saturday, we have an art class and a singer/songwriter showcase with Emily Anderson in April."