Interior Gas Utility Board Current Results

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Jack Wilbur ran unopposed for Interior Gas Utility board, so he's headed for a second term helping manage the utility. He currently has 95 percent of the vote, with 5 percent going to write-ins.
For I-G-U seat D, three candidates faced off: Patrice Lee, Scott Eickholt and Jeffrey Rentzel. Lee is currently ahead in that race with 44 percent; Eickholt has 35 percent and Rentzel is bringing up the rear with 19 percent. Lee talked about her goals and how she'll accomplish them.

Patrice Lee; IGU Board Member-Elect>>"To make sure that we have affordable gas for Fairbanks, to perhaps do a little more integrating of the Clean Air Project with the Interior Energy Project because there's monies that can be shared to help people convert and connect to gas. So those are two first goals. By meeting and working with the people who have already done a lot of work ahead of this time by studying and doing my homework, and being at the meetings ready to participate to the best of my ability