Interior Aids Association Moves To Help Treat Opioid Addiction

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The program 'Project Special Delivery', now branded 'Interior Medication Assisted Treatment', offers medications that aid in soothing withdrawal symptoms that opioid addicts feel when going through treatment to get clean.
In addition to supplying patients with Methadone, they also use Suboxone (sub-*OX-ohn) and Vivitrol (*VIV-ih-trawl), as each person responds to different medications.
According to Community Liaison of the Interior AIDS Association, Becca Brado (*BRAY-DOUGH), a patient must be 18 or older to qualify for this treatment, and have been addicted to opioids for at least a year.
Also, pregnant women get moved to the top of the list.
Brado went on to explain other services they offer, and why these treatments are important to those who want to turn their lives around.

Becca Brado; Community Liaison >> "We also offer individual counseling, group counseling, case management, education, so it is really wrap around services. So it is not just coming in, getting medication, and going out, we really treat the whole person.
When there is withdrawal, there is tremendous pain and discomfort. And so these medications help the person feel normal really. It is not substituting one drug for another, it truly is medication."