In Winter Weather, Take Precautions with Outside Pets

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - As below freezing temperatures continue to stick around, animals that are left outside could be in trouble if owners don't take the necessary precautions to keep them safe during winter.
According to Doctor Dee Thornell at the Animal House Veterinary Hospital, many dog breeds like huskies that are often left outside can adapt to the cold by growing a big, well insulated fur coat.
However if you are going to leave your fluffy friend outside this time of year, Thornell recommends that owners provide their canines with a dog home insulated with straw or hay, and of course provide plenty of food and water.
But for smaller dog breeds, or those with a short fur coat, such provisions will not work.
These dogs don't have the insulation needed to survive outside, and oftentimes owners must provide a store-bought coat to keep such pets warm during outdoor activities.
Thornell also says she sees pets end up with frostbite if the owners aren't paying close enough attention to their safety.

Dr. Dee Thornell; Lead Veterinarian - Animal House>>"The most common animal that I can tell you that usually gets frostbite right now are the outdoor cats in the summer all of a sudden they sneak out right now outdoors and it's winter time. They don't know where the door to summer went to and they're the ones that get stuck and they can freeze their ears off real fast. I've had a couple dogs that are silly enough to go ahead and somehow lick something metal and they will hit their tongue. Usually because it's either a bowl that they've had outside that they're used to drinking out of in the summer time or something like that and they'll go in and they'll actually go ahead and lose their tongue or loose part of their tongue because they get frost bit."