Iconic KFAR tower taken down

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) For 80 years, a 305 foot tall red and white radio tower has defined the landscape at the golf course on Farmers Loop. Last week it was taken down.

"We hooked a cable up about 55 feet on it, put a 400 foot cable out here and he hooked on it with a loader. He just tugged a little bit, and the second time he tugged her, here she came, right to the ground," said Howard Thies, the golf course manager.

The structure was one of the last free standing towers in the country. Thies said they took the tower down because it used electricity to power the mandatory lights on top, and as a precaution.

“We weren't sure what the structure looked like, it wasn't technically a 'will it survive'... probably would. We thought for safety let's just get it off the property,” Thies said.

The tower had a long history in Fairbanks.

"Eisenhower broadcast off that tower,” said Glen Anderson, Operations Manager for the Last Frontier Mediactive. “Bob Hope stood on this door step, Groucho Marx, some legendary people that came up through the USO and during the military and beyond. There is a lot of famous people... Spiro Agnew.. a lot who have come through this door and broadcast from that tower over the years."

The tower was also used to help inform Fairbanksans of evacuation routes during the 1967 flood.

Anderson used to broadcast from the tower until it was taken out of service. The tower was used from 1939 until 2012 but has been inactive since then.

"Think about Augie Hiebert and the guys who started this up, you know, back in the legendary days of radio in 1939,” Anderson said. “They were the first to broadcast. It was kind of cool, because in 2012, I was the last. So I was the last guy to broadcast on that tower before she went dark."

Thies said that they expect to have the tower off the property by this week.

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