Hugh Neff is Preparing for the Battle Ahead

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Hugh Neff came into Fairbanks to share more of his thoughts on the ruling from the Yukon Quest.
As he has already hired a lawyer from New York and a veterinarian team from Oklahoma to help with his appeal process.
This is looking like a lengthy battle is on the horizon.

"I got a Lawyer from New York," began Hugh Neff, two time Yukon Quest winner; "and then I got the veterinary folks from Oklahoma that are helping out. We're going to file and... I am not going to go in front of the board and grovel to people who I have little respect for, and I know don't respect my word. There are folks that, throughout the years associated with the Quest that may not care for me and my brashness and my unique persona, but I am who I am. I'm Hugh Neff, I love my dogs, I love the quest, and I ain't changing."