How to keep your mail safe from porch pirates this holiday season

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The holiday season is a time for gratitude and joy, but there are some people taking advantage of this delightful time of year- porch pirates. But is this activity impacting Fairbanks?
Dan Welborn is the Deputy Chief of Police with the Fairbanks Police Department. He explained that this activity can be seen in the lower 48 but in Fairbanks, “We don't experience that too much up here, but mail theft, that's been pretty consistent over the years,” he said.
And while Fairbanksans don't have to worry too much about these porch pirates, Welborn also gave this advice on keeping mail safe.
"Make sure your mail is taken in daily. Don't let it accumulate, some people do that. I have seen some people even check their mail and they'll file through it and for reason or another they leave the junk mail in the mail box, well thieves pay attention to that stuff and that contains very important information that can lead to fraud and theft," he said.
Welborn added that even junk mail should be removed from your mail box, shredded or destroyed in some way so other people can't get your personal information. He said residents should also consider a more secure option like a P.O. Box as some mail boxes on the sides of roads can be dark areas which are targets for thieves.
Welborn also advised residents to avoid sending cash, checks, and gift cards in the mail.