How much North Pole city council members are compensated

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - North Pole City council members receive a monthly stipend for every meeting attended that takes place on the first and third Monday of every month. City clerk of North Pole, Judy Binkley, explained that.

"Our council members do receive a monthly stipend of $300 and that's prorated every council meeting that they attend. If they attended special meeting they are compensated as well, and work sessions are compensated as well. And if they attend a borough assembly meeting as a representative of North Pole, they receive $125 for each meeting they attend," she said.

The money from the stipend is taken from the city budget and has to be approved by the city council.

"It's actually in code what our council member stipend is. It's part of our North Pole Municipal code," she said.

If the stipend increases, any member who is on the city council would not be eligible until the next round of council members. But if council members want to opt out of the stipend, Binkley said, "I haven't had that question before. I haven't had anybody who has opted out of that. So it would be something that, if that question came up, we could take a look at."

Binkley says the stipend helps to encourage the council members to be more engaged in the process.