How Gov. Walker's suspension will affect early voting

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Fairbanks, Alaska - Monday is the first day of early voting for the General Election. We spoke to election officials to get more information on how Governor Bill Walker's suspension of his campaign affects early voters.

Residents lined up at the Division of Elections in downtown Fairbanks to get their vote in early.

"At this location, we have early voting and we have all forty house district ballots, so if somebody is still registered in the Nome area or down in Juneau, and they're in town, we can get them the ballot that is appropriate for their house district," said Jeremy Johnson Region III Election Supervisor.

Since Governor Bill Walker suspended his campaign after the deadline to withdraw, he is still on the ballot. Johnson says if you have already filled out your absentee ballot, but not mailed it in yet, you can request a new ballot from the Absentee and Petition Office in Anchorage.

"Alternatively, they can draw a line through the bubble and candidate's name, write "NO" next to it, and then vote a new selection and mail that in, and we will fix that ballot at this location," he said.

Johnson explains what happens if people still vote for Governor Walker.

"An individual who has withdrawn still is on the ballot, people can still make that choice, and those results will still get tallied but because that candidate has indicated that they are no longer campaigning, should they win, in all likelihood, they would immediately withdraw," he said.

Early voting will be open at the Division of Elections from 8 to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday up until Election Day on November 6. The weekend before Election Day will also be open for early voting.

If you have questions regarding early voting here in the Interior, you can call the Division of Elections at 451-2835.