How DOT keeps the roads clear in winter

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In this week's 'Road Construction Report', we got an inside look at the equipment the Department of Transportation uses to keep the roads clear in the winter. Road construction is at an end and as we move into winter the Alaska Department of Transportation will shift their focus to keeping the roads free and clear of snow accumulation. Daniel Schacher with DOT explains how they prepare for this shift.

"We are doing equipment changeover. Basically we've been working all summer long in a specific configuration where we have been hauling gravel, asphalt, different things like that in our equipment, and now we are changing it back over to our winter configuration where we will go out, plow the roads, scrape the roads, push back berms with our wings, and apply abrasives to the roads," he said.

Schacher says the winter maintenance schedule has four priority levels.

"The priority ones are your main, big roads that you've seen in town; the Richardson Highway, the Steese Expressway, Johanson, Mitchell Expressway, Parks Highway, those are all our priority one roads, then we will go to our priority twos. You might think of that as the Badger Road, Farmers Loop, Airport Way, different things like that. And then our residential streets and connector roads are priority threes and fours spread throughout the district," he said.

Schacher also wants to remind people to be cautious and patient when they encounter DOT equipment on the road.