Hospital offering monthly tours for new parents

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - On the first Tuesday of the month, the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital's Infant Services Department invites new parents to take a tour of the facility and get an in depth look at the services offered before the big day.

Anne Perez is director of the Women's and Infant Services Department with FMH. She welcomed the expecting parents in and gave an overlook of what to expect when admitted.

"We do have a lot of new moms. We have moms who have had babies before, but maybe not here in Fairbanks, and so to be able to know what we offer were very open to working with mom's birth plan," she said.

She directed a guided tour of the facility so parents could see what the labor and delivery floor looks like, as well as getting an inside look into rooms, labor tools and extended care services such as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and on site surgical suite for those who have caesarian sections.

Perez says that this tour is put in place to help reduce some of the stress and anxiety that can come with having a baby. It also gives parents the opportunity to meet some of the staff and get them familiar when arriving for this important event in their lives.

"So if that's experience that your wanting, we can provide that same experience, but yet have the safety guards in place because if in an emergency does happen, and its outside the hospital, you have to be transferred here and sometimes those minutes are very precious minutes for the outcome of your baby," she said.

Perez says that it is always a good idea to preregister prior to the expected due date to ensure the process goes by smoothly for the expected family.