Homelessness Symposium Spotlights Housing Programs

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Government officials, representatives from several non-profit organizations, and concerned citizens met at the Westmark Hotel today for the 'Fairbanks Symposium on Homelessness'.
The 'Fairbanks Housing and Homeless Coalition' and the 'North Star Community Foundation' partnered with the 'Fairbanks Native Association' to host the event focusing on implementing two housing programs, as well as providing employment work sessions and other support services.
The 'Permanent Supportive Housing' and 'Rapid Rehousing' programs are part of the 'Alaska Supportive Housing Plan' that was developed in part by the 'Technical Assistance Collaborative'.
The two programs aim to help people lead more stable lives, as well as rapidly connect families and individuals to permanent housing through tailored assistance.
Coordinator Mike Sanders discusses what he would like to see as a result of the symposium.

Coordinator Mike Sanders; Fairbanks Housing and Homeless Coalition>>"We're trying to connect the dots. We're bringing all the different agencies that are helping the homeless. We're bringing the funders, some experts from around the country to help facilitate the discussions on how we can bring more supportive housing to Fairbanks. I'm hoping that at the end of the day that there are some agencies that are willing to step up to start more rapid rehousing programs. It is quite an undertaking. I know a couple of agencies are already interested, and I think this may be enough of a catalyst to get those programs going."