Holiday Shopping Tips to know before you swipe your card

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Tis the season for holiday shopping and scams. But fear not - the Better Business Bureau has some tips you can use before you swipe your card.
Marketplace Manager with the Better Business Bureau, Jeremy Johnson, said that with more and more people making purchases online, it's important to make sure you are purchasing from a credible website.
She said the presence of the letters HTTPS before the website name in the address bar helps you know the site is properly encrypted and is secure.
When it comes to shopping in person, Johnson said to look at the fine print on sales to know exactly what comes with a purchase.
“We just ask people to kind of be aware of where you're shopping, ask questions, do research and really look at reviews before you make that final purchase," she said.
As for the three biggest complaints the Better Business Bureau receives when ordering online: Shoppers receiving an item that doesn't look like the online description, the item they receive is a counterfeit or the shopper doesn't receive their purchase at all.