High School Students Help Homeless Youth

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Last week, students at Lathrop High School participated in 'National Runaway Prevention Month' by donating items to be given to 'The Door.'
To get more students involved, four teachers were chosen to participate in a school spirit fashion show, with students voting for their favorite with their donated items... and the results are in.

"Let's go Mr. Stoddard!"
The most items were donated to English Teacher Greg Stoddard's shopping cart, with the freshmen taking the win.
All together, students donated 4-thousand dollars' worth of items - including socks, combs, deodorant and gloves.
As for Stoddard, he says he enjoys participating in Lathrop's events and giving back to the community.

Greg Stoddard; Winning Teacher>>"We do a variety of really good causes here at Lathrop, often times organized through student council, ROTC program and things of that nature and anytime that we can help raise community awareness about issues that we see in our schools that we can connect to the community, I think those are always great causes that teachers can get behind, students can get behind and it's always really fun working with the kids as they put big productions together."