Here are the standings for the Besh Cup through two races

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Besh Cup race series is one of the top competitions in Alaska for skiing, as some of the Interior top athletes like Kendall Kramer battled the trails in Anchorage.
We start in the Under-12 division, with Olivia Soderstrom leading the pack with 200 points, while Sammy Legate and Heidi Schumaker are tied for the top of the Under-14 with 180 points.
Then in the Under-16 class, Marit Flora is currently leading it with 200 points, and the top skier in the Besh Cup, Kendall Kramer is running away, or more like skiing away with 200 points in the Under-18 division.
In the Under-20, Jenna Difolco leads the pack with 200 points, while in the Senior Women's class Lydia Blanchet with 120 points.
In the M3-4 division, Alison Arians runs unopposed so far with 200 points, while in the M5-6 Donna Difolco leads the group with 200 points.
We now look at the Besh Cup standings for the men's division.
In the M7-plus division, John Mucha currently runs unopposed with 100 points, while the M5-6 title has Adam Verrier leading the group with 200 points.
The M3-4 class has Seth Down out front with 100, and the M1-2 division has Gavin Kentch on top with 180 points.
The Senior Men's class is led by Hunter Wonders who has 200 points through the two races.
The Under-20 races also have a dominant skier with Gus Schumaker out on top with 200 points.
Then looking at the Under-18, Zandan McMullen leads this division with 200 points, while Konrad Renner is holding a slim lead in the Under-16 with 180 points.
And to round off the rest of the classes, we have Skyler Amy in front of the Unde-14's with 200 points, as Oskar Flora is currently in first with 200 in the Under-12 and Si Hanestad sits in first with 200 in the Under-10's.
The next two races are slated for January 19-20 in Soldotna, while the final races will be held on February 3-4 here in Fairbanks.