Health Watch: Yoga Popularity

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Yoga is an exercise that is gaining a lot of popularity.
Rhiannon Walker sat down with a local yoga instructor to find out what this trend is all about in this week's Health Watch.

It seems that everywhere you look online, there is always someone doing some crazy looking yoga pose but yoga isn't just about seeing how many different ways you can touch your toes.
It can be great exercise for meditation or even weight loss.
According to Yoga Instructor and Owner of Fairbanks Yoga, Jacie Sturm, there are many different practices for yoga, and there is a practice for everybody.

Jacie Sturm; Yoga Instructor and Owner - Fairbanks Yoga>>"One is Vinyasa which is a little bit more active, athletic, strength building, heat building and then on the opposite side of the spectrum there is Yin, which is a little bit more relaxing, you barely ever leave the ground, you hold poses for 3 to 6 minutes at a time. And they both have their own benefits."

Sturm also states that while yoga is good for meditation, not all forms of yoga are meditative.
Some practices focus on being active while the practice of Yin, forces you to sit within yourself, without distractions, and teaches patience.
Sturm says that there are many other benefits that come with practicing yoga.

Jacie Sturm; Yoga Instructor and Owner - Fairbanks Yoga>>"So, in a Vinyasa class, you're going to build strength, you're going to build stamina, you're going to build heat, you're going to increase flexibility. With Yin, a lot of the same benefits happen, but in a different way. So with Yin practice, you increase flexibility because you are holding poses for a long time. And in that practice, because you are hold poses for such a long time, it's kind of like a mini meditation within the pose and it helps reduce stress related illnesses, it helps clear the mind, it just kind of helps with any kind of anxiety, especially during crazy times of the year."

Sturm talked about how YouTube can be a great tool for finding the practice that works best for you and that even though most people can feel intimidated by the super flexible people they see on Instagram or in magazines, they shouldn't let it deter them from trying yoga for themselves.
For this week's Health Watch, I'm Rhiannon Walker.