Health Watch: Make-A-Wish Under the Northern Lights

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Make-A-Wish foundation granted a wish this week for a young teenager from Pennsylvania who wanted to see the northern lights.
Katie Luper brings us tonight's Health Watch.

Make-a-Wish is an organization that specializes in fulfilling the dreams of children battling life threatening conditions.

Doreen Hayward; Education Outreach Facilitator>>"I was contacted by the Make-A-Wish branch in Anchorage, and they asked if we wanted to help fulfill a young man's wish from Pennsylvania about seeing the auroras. And I thought perfect. They're contacting the right place. At the Geophysical Institute we study the aurora, so perfect spot."

Even though it's been a cloudy week, Kyle went on an excursion with the Aurora Chasers and saw the northern lights twice, but that's not all...

Kyle and Jennifer Miller; Make-A-Wish>>"We went to visit the musher and he got to meet and play with the dogs. We went to Chena Hot Springs. We went to Fly Zone twice. The North Pole, we went to the North Pole. We went to the fudge shop, the Knotty Shop. Yeah, we went to visit the Knotty Shop. Was able to record two moose in a fight. In two fights, within a few minutes."

They also toured areas of the Geophysical Institute at UAF where they study the auroras, monitor satellites and fly drones.

Doreen Hayward; Education Outreach Facilitator>>"He's going to be able to fly some drones with the Acuasi group and Nick Atkins is going to lead that portion of the day."

But just before that, they surprised him with a ride in an Alaska State Trooper's car. Kyle's wishes were fulfilled and their family is ready to head home.

Kyle and Jennifer Miller; Make-A-Wish>>"Thank you everybody in Alaska. It's been great. Everybody here has been nice, went out of their way for us and has made it a good experience for him."

I'm Katie Luper, reporting.