"Hang on," UA President tells students amid scholarship turmoil

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - On top of the ongoing budget issues, legislators and the University of Alaska found out yesterday that the Alaska Performance Scholarship, the Alaska Education Grant, and a medical scholarship have no money and cannot be paid at this time. This will affect around 12,000 students who receive the financial aid. However, there are ways that the legislators can resolve the issue and pay out the scholarships.

According to an email the University sent to students, the legislature and Governor have indicated desire to make the programs available for the upcoming year.

"Hang on... We're doing everything we can to address it," Johnsen said. "You know to fix this situation so they will have this promise that they were made... met by the state that made that promise too them. I think that's really really important that the state live up to the promise that it made to these students. These students worked hard, they qualified for these scholarships."

Johnsen also spoke about the failure of the legislators to overturn the governor's veto today, saying he is cautiously optimistic that enough legislators will show up in Juneau for an override. If the override doesn't happen, he says everything is on the table to be cut.

He went on to say the university appreciates all of the support they have seen, and is committed to doing everything they can to continue providing the best education possible in the future.