HEALTH WATCH: FMH offers free Children's Behavior Classes to the public for month of November

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Fairbanks Memorial Hospital has made it easier for parents to understand their children's behavior, by offering free classes to the public.

The Particular Parenting Series is put together by Foundation Health Partners and is held throughout the month of November.
The series is taught by Certified Family Life Educator Madeline Nance.

"So I have this class, which is actually an overview of why parents behave the way they do, because we have to know why we're doing what we're doing in that. The next is why children behave the way they do, and we look at behavioral development, what happens with ages and stages and what's common and what's not, and how parents can help or hinder and then the fourth one is difficult behaviors," said Nance.

She gave insight to parents on often difficult stages children go through throughout childhood and shared advice on how parents can build a better understanding of children's feelings and behaviors.

"Tell that baby, how lucky he or she is, to have this older sibling. Those kinds of things, they mean a whole lot to these kids, because usually what happens is everyone fusses about the baby, and this child is losing its attention," said Nance.

"Do you also think that the boy feels like he's left out, that's he's missed something because he's at home all day? And like the littler one has had mom's attention all day?" asked a parent in the class.

"Sure, and she probably used all his stuff," said Nance.

Nance says, her mission is to help families find a better understanding of what ordinary behavior in children is and what is not.
She encourages kids to BE kids, and parents to listen, and communicate as a family on a regular basis.

"I want them to learn that when you have the problem, and what they're doing is regular childhood behavior, you tell them it's you that can't tolerate it, it's not that they are doing it, you don't want them to feel bad for being a child, because if they feel bad, they don't do better, they do worse," said Nance.

The series will also be available in the spring.