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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Some people dressing up for Halloween will go as far as contact lenses to give their costume some added flair.
But that isn't necessarily a good idea, as Rhiannon Walker explains in this week's Health Watch.

Changing the appearance of your eyes may seem like a cool idea for Halloween- but there are some risks involved.
Doctor Allison Babiuch of Cleveland Clinic says that using Halloween-themed contact lenses without a prescription or proper fitting, can cause a multitude of problems.

Allison Babiuch; Doctor at Cleveland Clinic>>"If the contact lens isn't fitted for your eye then it may move around like it shouldn't on the eye and that can put you at a higher risk of developing a scratch on your eye, which could lead to an infection."

Doctor Babiuch says all contact lenses should be properly fitted by and eye doctor.
During a contact lens exam, a doctor will take precise measurements and prescribe a lens that fits the size and curvature of the surface of your eye.
She warns that contact lenses should not be bought anywhere that doesn't require a prescription- like a costume shop, beauty salon, drug store, or online.
Lenses that don't fit properly may cause a scratch, infection, sore, or even result in vision loss.
For folks who have tried off the shelf lenses and continue to experience irritation, it is a good idea to see an eye doctor.

Allison Babiuch; Doctor at Cleveland Clinic>>"If your eyes are uncomfortable when you put them in, take them out okay? If your eyes are still, after you take them out, red, watery, irritated, visions down, you need to get evaluated."

Doctor Babiuch recommends people interested in colored contact lenses should first discuss available options with their eye care provider.