Gov. Walker Suspends His Campaign for Re-Election

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - During Friday's Alaska Federation of Natives conference, Governor Walker announced that he is suspending his campaign. This action comes after former Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott's resignation on Tuesday.

One of the major concerns for democrats heading into the election was that Walker and Begich would split the votes, allowing the republican candidate to take the election. Walker expressed a similar concern. On his official campaign website, Walker said that he has been speaking to many Alaskans, and determined that Begich stood a better chance in this year's election than he does.

Walker went on to take shots at the republican candidate, stating, "Alaskans deserve a choice other than Mike Dunleavy."

Although Walker did not officially announce an endorsement for Mark Begich, his statements suggest that he is backing him for the upcoming election. The debate scheduled to take place at the AFN conference was still held Friday, and Walker remained on the stage to respond to questions.

While Walker can suspend his campaign, just like former Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott, it is too late for him to officially pull out of the race. Walker will appear on the 2018 general election ballet with Mallott as his running mate. Despite Walker's sentiment Friday, with Libertarian candidate Bill Toien, it is still a four-way race for governor.