Gov. Walker Signs Bill Aimed At Energy Efficiency In Commercial Buildings

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Governor Bill Walker signed a bill yesterday, promoting energy efficiency at the Cold Climate Research Center in Fairbanks.

With the help of Senator John Coghill and Representative Adam Wool, Governor Walker signed House Bill 80 into effect.

The energy bill is based on the 'Property Assessed Clean Energy' Act, or 'PACE' Act, that 17 other states have adopted.

The bill sets the parameters for municipalities to establish energy improvement assessment programs for commercial properties.
The goal of the act is to help commercial buildings to be more energy efficient, thereby reducing environmental strain, and saving money on energy costs.

Both the City Mayor and the Borough Mayor were present at the signing, as well as Senate President, Pete Kelly.

Governor Walker discussed the benefits of the new legislation.

"This is a great piece of legislation. It really have been, perhaps, long overdue. To be able to have a commercial building, to be able to have the financing vehicle to have cleaner energy, to have a more efficient energy system or energy structure, and then it's tied to the building. So if you sell the building it goes with it, so you don't sit there and think, well am I going to be owning this building long enough to get any benefit from it. So it goes with it. So it really is a great piece of legislation. The mayors have worked on this and have wanted this for quite some time. Mayor Kassel certainly has, Mayor Matherly, and then the legislators, the Interior legislators have been stalwarts on this issue."