Gov. Walker Says Mallott's Resignation Won't Be Swept Under the Rug

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - After Former Lieutenant Governor Mallott turned in his resignation Tuesday, a lot of questions were raised that have yet to be answered.

Governor Walker's Campaign Manager, John-Henry Heckendorn, says the governor is confident in the decision to swear in Valerie Davidson as Mallott's replacement, an opinion that is reflected by the Anchorage Daily News' Editorial Board, which asserts that Davidson is more than qualified for the role of Lt. Governor.

But regarding the main reason for Mallott stepping down, namely the questionable comments made by Walker's second in command, Heckendorn says the content of those will not be released for the privacy of the person involved.

"I can say, the campaign is not in the position to give more information than has already been given on the state side about what happened. And I think the governor's top priority has been making sure that as we go through that process of the resignation, nothing that the state does not compromise the privacy of the victim. Obviously, this has been painful. The governor has been absolutely clear that this isn't going to be swept under the rug. There has been clear and immediate accountability," Heckendorn said.