Gov. Dunleavy holds final inaugural celebration in Fairbanks

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Newly sworn in Governor Mike Dunleavy had his last informal inaugural celebration this weekend, a process that concluded here in Fairbanks. Arriving on an ATV, Governor Mike Dunleavy kicked off the night's program at the Carlson Center. Lieutenant Governor Meyer spoke to us before the event and said this celebration is a way to thank supporters and bring an end to the election.

"Kind of bringing a closure to the campaigns and elections, and starting the new chapter and that is moving the state forward and following through with some of the campaign promises that we made," he said.

During his speech at the event, Meyer said that his number one priority as Lieutenant governor is putting the trust back in the election process and that the new elections director will be conducting a complete audit of the election process. Dunleavy wanted to fire up the crowd talking of how Alaska is twice the size of Texas and mentioned some of his campaign promises of putting Alaskans back to work and increasing resource development.

"Alaska did not run out of oil, we did not run out of gold, we didn't run out of timber, what we ran out of in the last few years was good ideas and leadership," he said.

Dunleavy made sure the crowd knew that it was not state money that paid for this event but sponsors and volunteers. Co-chair of inaugural celebrations, Cynthia Henry said the goal of these celebrations was to allow the public to get to know the Governor and Lt. Governor on an individual basis.

"He wanted it to be free to the public, so there wasn't an obstacle of people having to buy tickets, and that they would bring the family, bring the kids, and that's exactly what this one turned out to be," she said.

There was free food, reindeer, games and even Santa. After the official program, Dunleavy took pictures with the public for close to an hour.