Gov. Dunleavy Appoints New Members to Boards and Commissions, Edie Grunwald to Board of Parole

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Governor Dunleavy announced more than twenty recent appointments to boards and commissions, including four from the Fairbanks area. Tammy Randolph of North Pole was appointed to the University Of Alaska Board Of Regents for an 8 year term starting in February. Leif Holm of North Pole was reappointed to the Board of Pharmacy for a four year term. Bob Shefchik of Fairbanks was appointed to the Alaska Labor Relations Agency for a 3 year term, and John Anderson, also of Fairbanks, was appointed for a 3 year term to the Board of Agriculture and Conservation.

Another notable choice was former Lieutenant Governor Candidate, Edie Grunwald, appointed to the State Board of Parole. She ran on a campaign of improving public safety, inspired by the amount of time she spent involved with the justice system after her son was murdered in Palmer.