Golden Art City: Good AK Cannabis

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - For this week's Golden Art City, Amanda Brennan takes a look at the November First Friday event held at an alternative venue.

On November 3rd a new business in a budding industry opened its doors to community members to feature four artists for November's First Friday. The atmosphere was calm and serene with various types of food available for visitors. Several aromas permeated the venue: vanilla, cinnamon, and...marijuana. Cannabis distributor, Good AK Cannabis hosted its second First Friday event to quell negative images of the cannabis industry. Co-owner, Christian Hood discusses how the First Friday events are a way to give back to the community, as well.

Christian Hood; Co-Owner - Good AK Cannabis>>"So this one we're donating to the Fairbanks Rescue Mission. We got a bunch of jackets and coats that people are donating. We have four live artists, who have all sold some art, tonight, and 20% of their proceeds go to the Fairbanks Rescue Mission, and yeah, we're just excited to be here."

The four artists of different backgrounds and styles didn't let the onlookers distract them from creating a masterpiece. Artist, Thurgood, specialized in painting bright whimsical images on wooden tiles. Jay Fernandez of the Golden Heart Tattoo Collective drew an incredibly realistic black and white portrait of a woman in a matter of minutes. Shawn Ferringer, who displayed his work at last month's First Friday at S Salon, was creating another memorable and familiar snapshot of pop culture. Megan Perra, the house artist, was gingerly adding delicate brush strokes to the fur of the Grizzly on the wall. Perra's silk screens are a combination of art and science. She has her degree in Zoology and has participated in artist residencies in Iceland and the Faroe Islands. She discusses the research that is reflected in her artwork.

Megan Perra; Artist - Good AK Cannabis>>"I'm actually working on a research documentary project in Iceland, which starts in February. We're trying to see if mercury contamination is affecting the development of arctic foxes along the coast. It's basically all methyl mercury that gets dissolved in the ocean and then it magnifies through the food web. So things that are at the top of the food chain, like foxes and humans, they get the highest level of mercury, and it accumulates in the body over time, so super long living species like whales, they're the most impacted by it."

Hood was very pleased about the turnout at this month's First Friday, and says that she will continue to host artists the first Friday of each month for the foreseeable future. For this week's Golden Art City, this is Amanda Brennan.