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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - News13 is starting a new feature called 'Golden Art City'.
Each week, Amanda Brennan will focus on a different aspect of cultural, culinary, and fine arts in Fairbanks.
In this week's installment, she takes a look at how a local salon is helping to make downtown Fairbanks a more beautiful and safer place.
Last Friday on October, 6th there were at least five First Friday events happening simultaneously around Fairbanks. Two of those events were hosted by S Salon and Studio. Peppered within the sleek décor of the hair styling establishment were brightly painted images that are known to many pop culture enthusiasts. Stay-at-home Dad and self-taught painter Shawn Ferringer was the featured artist in S Salon's First Friday. His brightly painted portraits of athletes, movie stars, and musicians, ranging from Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid, to Bob Marley take the viewer back to what some remember as a simpler time. Down the road from Ferringer's art, another First Friday event was a collaboration between S Salon employees and the City. Owner of S Salon and Studio, Scott Allison, and employee and painter, Amanda Wells discuss the mural that premiered this first week in October.
Scott Allison; Owner, S Salon and Studio>>: "As a team we try to come up with different projects in the community and we discussed this one and everybody put effort together to make it happen from making fliers and advertising and priming the wall. One of our stylist's husband prepped the wall and then helped paint the wall and it was a group effort and the staff gets behind us 100 percent and supports it. "
The premiere was not the only reason to celebrate. Allison and his employees also chose this event to help community members. Representatives from the American Red Cross, as well as Councilman Pruhs, and Billie Kassel, wife of Borough Mayor, Karl Kassel served hot chocolate and cider. Clothes that were donated to the salon were also available to anyone in need. Allison and Wells go on to discuss how the project got its start.
Scott Allison; Owner, S Salon and Studio>>: "We got nuisance areas, we pulled the police report, they said yup it's a nuisance area, how can we help and the Motor Inn owner said, how can we help, we'll let you paint, we'll help fund it a little bit and the mayor said I'd like to help fund it too so the two working together was cool. He basically said I'll help give you 1,500 to start the project. We're still looking for sponsors for it. Tanner is going to be offering to do their logo in his condention style which will be really cool."
Local Artist Tanner Rhines laid down the outline of the drawings on the wall, and Wells filled in the lines with the color palette of her choosing. Rhines, unfortunately, was unable to make it to the premiere, due to starting a rotation up on the North Slope. Wells did take some artistic license, though, by painting in Mayor Jim Matherly donning his headphones. Allison and Wells expand on Rhines' overall vision for the mural.
Amanda Wells; S Salon Employee>>: "It really makes you think about just what goes on in Tanner's head I suppose. The little eyes you see with the line, those are the reflections of this thoughts, I'm pretty sure. Here's one right here. Life I think. The kiss of Death? Kiss of God! So this is a reflection here."
The Mural is said to be completed in the summer of 2018 and is located at 419 4th Avenue behind the Alaska Motor Inn. For this week's Golden Art City, this is Amanda Brennan.