GCI Drops FOX in Fairbanks Amid Contract Dispute

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Every few years G-C-I renegotiates with various networks they carry as part of their cable packages.
This month, a dispute with the FOX network and local affiliate K-A-T-N means FOX programming is being pulled from G-C-I's local customers.
The company told its customers today that FOX and K-A-T-N were demanding an increase of almost 300 percent in what they charge G-C-I for the channel.
According to G-C-I Director of Operations of the Interior, Perry Allen, FOX intends to use Fairbanks and Southeast Alaska as a bargaining tool to get to the Anchorage market.
The change occurred at 1 p-m today.

Perry Allen; Operations Director of The Interior >> "FOX has been removed from the GCI guide, hopefully temporarily but in the short term, FOX does offer a free over the air signal, so if you have an indoor antenna, an outdoor antenna, you can hook that up and get that signal for free. There's also some streaming options. On certain streaming devices, you can stream certain content furthermore some of the programing that is on FOX is located on other channels that we do provide."