Ft. Wainwright Kicks Off Army Emergency Relief Fund Campaign

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Fort Wainwright held a campaign kick-off for the Army Emergency Relief Fund, which supports soldiers financially in a time of need. The Army Emergency Relief Fund offers zero interest loans, and in some situations offers a grant which doesn't need to be paid back.

Financial Counselor Amber Johnston said the main reasons soldiers need this assistance are for emergency travel, first month's rent deposit and car repair. Johnston says the hope of this campaign is to make sure soldiers know what options are available to them before they take out a more risky loan.

"It prevents our soldiers from going off post and going to high interest lenders and potentially getting themselves into a difficult situation that could ultimately lead to issues with security clearance, and even maintaining staying in the army. So of course we want to do what's best for our service members and ensure that we can keep them on the straight and narrow," said Johnston.

Johnston says most of the funds come from other soldiers’ donations, as well as retirees who want to give back.

For more information: https://www.aerhq.org/