Free health fair to be held this Saturday

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska The Alaska Health Clinic will be holding their annual community health fair in Fairbanks this Saturday at the Carlson Center from 8AM to noon.

Attendees will be able to get free health screening, free health education and low cost blood tests.

The fair offers 11 types of blood testing at 20 to 25 percent off clinic prices.
There will be around 60 exhibitors at the fair with medical professionals, representatives and specialists from various fields.

The fair will also have a silent auction with proceeds going to the AK Health Fair Inc.

Sharon Phillips, the program director for Fairbanks, says the fair can help everyone.

"Health from head to toe. It's your health, take care of it, because if you don't take care of it, who else is going to. You've got to find those things out and figure out a way to have better social, metal, emotional, physical, all sorts of aspects of health."

According to Phillips this is the largest public health fair in the state.

More information on the health fair wellness packages and schedules:

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