Four propositions on ballot for Tuesday's election, what you should know

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Voters will see four propositions on the ballot this municipal election. Proposition one is $36.6 million general obligation bonds for capital improvements. The projects mentioned are Ben Eielson Jr. and Sr. High School roof replacement, John A. Carlson Community Activity Center, Woodriver Elementary School and a replacement animal shelter. The estimated bond interest is $33.8 million. Approximately $34 will be due in annual property taxes on $100,000 in assessed value to pay back the debt. A 'yes' vote allows bonds to be issued and property taxes to be increased to cover the costs of these projects. A 'no' vote will not allow bonds to be issued for these projects.

Proposition two asks whether ordinance 2018 to 2022 should be ratified. A 'yes' vote will allow a property tax increase of up to $100 per $100,000 assessed property value. These revenues will go into the facilities maintenance reserve fund. A 'no' vote will not allow a property tax increase.

Proposition three is establishing maximum allowable tax revenues. The borough will be able to levy or impose only the same amount of taxes for one fiscal year as the borough levied or imposed for the preceding year, with specific exceptions. A 'yes' vote will keep the current ordinance in place, prohibits the borough assembly from making changes to the ordinance and prohibits the borough assembly from increasing tax revenue. A 'no' vote will keep the current ordinance in place and allow the borough assembly to make changes to this ordinance and allows the borough assembly to increase tax revenue.

Proposition four is enacting the home heating reclamation act. The Fairbanks North Star Borough, excluding the Natural Gas Utility, shall not in any way regulate, prohibit, curtail, ban, nor issue fines or fees associated with, the sale, distribution, installation or operation of solid fuel heating appliances or any type of combustible fuels. A 'yes' vote will revoke the borough's authority to implement air quality programs. A 'no' vote will keep the borough's authority intact to implement air quality programs.

For more information on the propositions, candidates, and where to vote tomorrow, go to the Fairbanks North Star Borough Municipal Elections website at