Fort Wainwright Soldiers Return from Afghanistan Deployment

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Yesterday, US Army Alaska welcomed about 100 Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment back to Fort Wainwright.
The aviators deployed earlier this year in support of 'Operation Resolute Support' in Afghanistan, and were met by friends and families after a brief ceremony.
Friends and family gathered together to wait patiently for the roughly 100 aviators returning from their Afghanistan deployment.
With welcoming smiles and signs, these soldiers were met with a great homecoming.

Two lucky soldiers were met by family members who came up from the Lower 48. Father Lawrence Gannon traveled from Maryland to welcome home his daughter, Specialist Lindsey Gannon.
It was his first trip west of the Rocky Mountains.
This trip was especially important, as his father recently passed and with Lindsey unable to come home, he wanted to be there for her during a difficult time.
"Definitely wanted to make a trip up here just to support her from everything that she's done," Gannon said. "And coming back from Afghanistan, just wanted to let her know that we're still behind her and it's all good."
Atlanta veteran and parent, Scott Conkel traveled to visit his returning son as well.
Specialist Brandon Conkel has also deployed to South Korea in the past.
His father was unable to attend past welcome home ceremonies and knew that he didn't want to miss this homecoming.
"There are certain things in life that are more important than other things and this happens to be one of them," said Scott Conkel, Brandon's father. "My son's been serving our country and I'm a veteran so I understand what deployment means and being cut off from your family so I thought that it was important that I was here for him and coming back into the country. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow and again I just thought that this was important. I wanted to be here for my son."
With hugs, kisses and a proposal, these families are glad to be back together.