Fort Wainwright Commander Talks Increased Ties With Fairbanks

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Garrison Commander, Colonel Sean Fisher, spoke to chamber of commerce members Tuesday.
He said the facility has been one of the top five garrisons in the army for the past five years, and spoke about how it serves the 23-thousand people who live and work on post and use its services - including active duty soldiers, their families, and veterans.
Fisher says several training exercises are on the horizon, with names like Full Eagle, Polar Force, and Maple Resolve - with the last exercise partnering with, and taking place in Canada.
Fisher talked about partnership with the City of Fairbanks on a computer-aided emergency dispatch service, which he says will have the post and golden heart city working closer together.

Col. Sean Fisher; Garrison Commander, Ft. Wainwright >> "Our project with the computer aided dispatch center and the city of Fairbanks, that partnership was highlighted as the Best Practice, recognized by the Army. We received an award and we're trying to expand on that and really look for more ways that we can partner not just from a financial aspect, but to really keep our two communities both on post and off post closer, because when we have those close ties, the relationship gets even stronger, the ties are even stronger, and really it makes Ft. Wainwright and living in Alaska and being assigned here and operating here a great place and a great experience."